Why did I start a blog?

The short answer: I need something to do during my downtime.  

The long answer: I am looking for some purpose. I do a lot of interesting or cool things and I travel frequently. I originally wanted to start this blog to share my travel experiences only: specializing in the short trip. While the idea of spending months at a time traveling the world can be appealing, I don’t quite have that appetite or ability.  

I work a full-time job and consider travel to be a hobby.  

I was stoked! I couldn’t wait to share my experiences, planning techniques, budgeting strategies, favorite happy hours, most lovable cities, and everything in between. 

However, once I sat down and starting writing, I found it was more difficult than I anticipated. And I kind of stalled on my new project. 

Fast forward a few weeks. My brother, David, was (re)starting his website to share his photography. In his bio he states “This site will allow me to track my progress as I post current photos while simultaneously giving me a chance to reflect on my past as I post older photos.”. I thought that was awesome. He can look back on all his photos, see his progression, and share with our family (we have a big one!). I felt so satisfied – and it wasn’t even my website! 

So that’s when I decided to (re)start my blog idea. The purpose will be to track my life as I post current photos/stories/findings/activities/whatever I want. Maybe I will eventually find a “theme” and I will find some direction. But for now: 

I love sharing, I love my family, I probably love my life. I can write about whatever I want – so I will! 


Published by Emily

this is my first blog

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