Save the animals… and myself

For the month of November, I decided I wouldn’t eat meat. Eggs and dairy were okay, but no beef, chicken, or seafood.  

Two things sparked this: 

  1. My athletic performance is plateauing. And I know it is diet-related. I am lifting heavy at the gym; I am getting stronger while my pant size is getting smaller. But I am not getting what I want. In a word: diesel.  
  1.  I got some bloodwork done a few months ago and to no surprise, I had high cholesterol. It runs in my family, so I knew this moment was coming. Instead of asking me about my lifestyle and offering suggestions to help manage my high cholesterol, my doctor at the time wrote me a prescription. I will let you do your own research about statins. But it was a no-go for me. I’m 33 years old. I knew there were better and healthier ways to tackle this. 

So I said good-bye to cream cheese and replaced it with ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!’. Ditching sour cream was easy, I just started buying the non-fat version. Eggs became egg whites. Vanilla yogurt became non-fat greek yogurt. Bacon I never ate anyways so that was easy. Cheese is a slower journey. I’m taking baby steps. In addition to all this, I started to become mindful of my saturated and trans fats. 

I also got a new doctor. Shoutout to my sister for the doctor-searching recommendations. New doc confirmed that a statin wasn’t needed, and that I’m doing all the right things.  

I did some brief research on plant-based diets. I knew this was a “thing” but didn’t know much about the effects or long-term health implications. Turns out meat can increase risk of heart disease and stroke. Meat takes a huge amount of energy to break down. Meat can increase inflammation, increase recovery times, decrease stamina. It takes more effort to produce meat than plants, more resources are being used up.  Again – I will let you do your own research. I work for a restaurant, not a hospital.  

I decided to go for it. I eat a lot of chicken, but not seafood or read meat. So, it’s not like I was a huge carnivore to start with. Because of this, I wasn’t expecting it to be too terribly difficult. So far, it hasn’t been. With the exception of a GIANT CRAVING for a Shack Burger the other day.  I’m pretty proud of myself. I use an app to track my workouts (actually 2 apps), so I am looking forward to comparing October to November. I go in for bloodwork again in December and am also looking forward to comparing those results as well (if one month actually does anything). I will keep you posted! 

Of course I chose to do this the same month as Thanksgiving…. oops.


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