What a Universal Studios stilt audition is like

and my tips to nail it First: you have to secure your audition appointment time slot. This is done online. And the slots fill up quick. Be ready and logged into you audition page the moment they open it up. One time I was in the Bahamas at a beach bar, and the Halloween Horror Nights auditionContinue reading “What a Universal Studios stilt audition is like”

“Fifi goes to bed at 8pm so I need to get on this flight” … and other reasons I use to get upgraded

“I am not feeling well today and I really need to stretch out” “My brother is home from the military after being in Afganistan” “I’m trying to surprise my mom” “My brother is getting married” “My wedding is tomorrow” “My sister is getting her Masters” “I feel sick” “I worked the last 16 hours andContinue reading ““Fifi goes to bed at 8pm so I need to get on this flight” … and other reasons I use to get upgraded”

Nobody cares if you steal from self-checkout

I work a one or two nights a week at a grocery store. I needed something to do after my day job. Going home, eating dinner, and watching TV wasn’t doing it for me FOUR DAYS IN A ROW. Sure I’d go to happy hour or run errands or stop at Target, but I don’t have that much money to go spending everyContinue reading “Nobody cares if you steal from self-checkout”

Indiana Jones knows Japanese

Earlier this year, three of my brothers, my sister, and I went to Tokyo for five days. I took lots of pictures but never put them anywhere. I’m posting them here with a small learning of mine.   Tokyo was my first time traveling to a “English isn’t very common”-speaking place. Everywhere else I’ve been eitherContinue reading “Indiana Jones knows Japanese”

Cats don’t get high…they just get higher

Cats don’t get high; they just get higher  This is the content I know everyone has been waiting on. I (really my boyfriend and I), adopted a second cat. So far, he’s been great. Cuddly, loving, content, cute. However, my resident cat, Minnie, who I’ve had for 12 years, isn’t being as cute. It’s beenContinue reading “Cats don’t get high…they just get higher”

Save the animals… and myself

For the month of November, I decided I wouldn’t eat meat. Eggs and dairy were okay, but no beef, chicken, or seafood.   Two things sparked this:  My athletic performance is plateauing. And I know it is diet-related. I am lifting heavy at the gym; I am getting stronger while my pant size is getting smaller. But I am not getting what I want. In a word:Continue reading “Save the animals… and myself”