About Blog by Emily

img_7821I live in Orlando, Florida. My parents live in Illinois. My sister in St Louis. Brothers in New Hampshire, California, Missouri, Washington DC.

I work during the day. My sister works at night.

I’m a night owl. My dad is an early bird.

Brothers are a combination of a new father, PhD student, Marine, flex-scheduled hospitality worker. My sister-in-law is a first-time mother. My friends are teachers, coordinators, restaurant managers, performers, nurses. All of us are professionals, casuals, travelers.

We are all relatively good at keeping in touch via phone calls, emails, and texts. But sometimes the ability or capacity to directly engage isn’t there.

Here comes Blog by Emily. A place where the people in my life can stop by and see what’s up with me. Sometimes it will be past or present stories, sometimes my opinions or travels, sometimes photo collections. Whether it’s exciting, interesting, or mundane – if you’re curious about me, it will be here.

So have a few drinks, have a few laughs, and if this Blog sucks…blow outta here.

Cover photo credit goes to my brother, Bruce.

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