Indiana Jones knows Japanese

Earlier this year, three of my brothers, my sister, and I went to Tokyo for five days. I took lots of pictures but never put them anywhere. I’m posting them here with a small learning of mine.  

Tokyo was my first time traveling to a “English isn’t very common”-speaking place. Everywhere else I’ve been either spoke Spanish, or had English as a second language/taught in schools. When I landed, I was almost caught off guard. All the metro signs were in Japanese. The ATM was in Japanese. At Disney Sea, the rides and safety instructions were in Japanese. Menus were in Japanese (we did a lot of pointing to photos, totally guessing what we were ordering). It might sound naïve: “Duh Emily. You’re in Japan. They speak Japanese.” and perhaps next time I will download the Google Translate app beforehand. But adjusting wasn’t hard. Communication is communication. It was a really valuable experience. Konnichiwa.  


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