Massive Endorphins

When I started running 6 years ago, I used an app to track my route, mileage, and pace. I liked it because I could see my progress each week.  

My brothers David and Tommy were doing the same thing at the time, except they used a different app than me: Endomondo 

Endo, short for Endorphins; and Mondo, meaning enormous or huge.  It allows you to easily track your route-based sports activities such as walking, running, biking, hiking, kayaking, etc. You can also track your statistics (how many workouts per month, fastest pace, etc). And you can put in specific details that are relevant to that particular workout.

Endomondo was different because it had a social aspect to it. Once I switched over to Endomondo, I could see David and Tommy doing their runs and workouts. I found it really inspiring. It made me motivated on the days that I felt lazy.  

Soon, our other siblings joined, and cousins, and boyfriends and girlfriends, etc. Now we have a whole network. 

We started hosting seasonal and monthly challenges. “Most minutes worked out” “Most calories burned” “Highest number of workouts” are our go-tos. Each challenge, there are always a few people who are slacking and clearly aren’t trying (I have been in that group before). But for each challenge, there are also 3-4 people duking it out for the top spot.  Yours truly has won a handful of them.  

We also use the feature of “peptalks”. We (for the most part) try to use the app in real time, with no backlogging. So if I open the app, I can see Kimberly kayaking, in real time. The peptalk feature lets us encourage each other as we are doing our workouts. So I can ‘comment’ to Kimberly’s kayaking, saying “Go go go go go” and she will hear “Go go go go go” through her phone.  

Once you have completed a workout, you are able to upload a photo if you want. I really like this feature. It lets me see what others saw on their run, or during their snorkel. Living in Orlando, I never see hills or mountains or snow, much less work out on hills or mountains or in snow. I love sharing, so it makes sense that I would love to see what they all share. 

During and without challenges, I love the app. I love being able to see what my siblings are doing. I find it interesting and it gives a feeling of connection. Over the years it has definitely motivated me more. When I am feeling dumpy and go for a walk, then someone comments with “Nice bell shape route”, it makes me feel better. Plus it is a really sweet bell shape 

The one thing Endomondo is missing: teams. We want TEAM challenges. This would add so much comraderie and bring a new (fun) element to the app! 

 Bob Endomondo: if you’re reading this…. BRING BACK TEAMS 


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One thought on “Massive Endorphins

  1. Nice post! I try to link to my Endomondo workouts whenever it is fitting. What is annoying is that they used to have teams but they got rid of the feature! Also, that bell shape really is a bell shape


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