“Fifi goes to bed at 8pm so I need to get on this flight” … and other reasons I use to get upgraded

“I am not feeling well today and I really need to stretch out”

“My brother is home from the military after being in Afganistan”

“I’m trying to surprise my mom”

“My brother is getting married”

“My wedding is tomorrow”

“My sister is getting her Masters”

“I feel sick”

“I worked the last 16 hours and it was a nightmare”

“I’m a Browns fan”

“I’m an aunt for the first time and my niece goes to bed soon”

“My parents are stranded after being hit by Hurricane Maria”

“It’s my birthday”

“It’s my brother’s birthday”

“It’s my brothers’ 21st birthday”

“My cat just passed away”

“I just bought my first house”

“I have a migraine”

“I haven’t seen my boyfriend in 3 weeks”

“I’m homesick”

“I really need a win right now”

“This is my first transatlantic flight”

“My brother is home from the military” (… I’ve used this one quite a few times…)

It’s all about net gain. So if I can get on a better flight, with a shorter layover, and free champagne, all while being moved to business class… I’m 100% going to go for it.

I travel alone quite often. Both for work and fun. This is fine with me because anyone who has ever flown with me, doesn’t like to. With one exception. There is a saying of “Find someone who wants to leave as far in advance for the airport as you do and they will become your soulmate”. Adam, hi! 🙂

Classic Emily-style is to show up at the airport at 7:35 for an 8:00 flight. Unfortunately, this has caused me to miss flights, miss connections, show up late to things, etc. However, “the last guy on the plane lands at the same time as the first guy on the plane” -me.

Out of necessity from the above, or simply because I wanted a better experience, I have learned how to finagle my way onto earlier flights, and bigger seats, and signature wines. All I do is pick an excuse (I try to use honest ones) and be very, very, very, very nice and compassionate with the agent or representative. I will make a bit of small talk. Joke a little. Lighten the conversation and try to be more interesting and likable than every other customer they have dealt with today.

I’ve gotten free drinks, better seats, moved to first class, free flight changes, extra snacks, access to the lounge, and my personal best: my own lie-flat sleeping pod.

It’s all about the approach, the execution, and of course: the excuse.

(shoutout to my sis-in-law for the idea for this post)


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